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Client Feedback

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Best Travel Packages in Sri Lanka

10 Ariana Grande - Bangkok

Ariana Grande - Bangkok

4 Days + 4 Nights Rs.79,900 Rs. 71,910 Book Now
15 Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.34,200 Rs. 29,070 Book Now
15 Bangkok


4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.52,500 Rs. 44,625 Book Now
15 Maldives


4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.48,800 Rs. 41,480 Book Now
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

4 Days + 3 Nights Rs. 85,500 Book Now
05 Dubai


4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.56,600 Rs. 53,770 Book Now
05 Singapore


4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.59,400 Rs. 56,430 Book Now
05 Hyderabad


4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.54,500 Rs. 51,775 Book Now
10 Velankanni (Chennai)

Velankanni (Chennai)

4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.59,900 Rs. 53,910 Book Now
05 Bali


4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.59,900 Rs. 56,905 Book Now
05 New York

New York

7 Days + 6 Nights Rs.199,500 Rs. 189,525 Book Now
05 Langkawi


4 Days + 3 Nights Rs.52,200 Rs. 49,590 Book Now

Family Trip

Create happy memories with your kids on your next family vacation. We'll help you choose a destination, give you lodging ideas, and make your travels stress-free with awesome activities for kids of all ages. Make this trip the one they'll talk about for years.

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Budget Trip

We combed the globe for more amazing (and amazingly affordable!) bucket list spots than ever before. From stylish cities to alluringly remote islands without bankrupt you with our budget trips packages.

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Do you think that the beautiful journey of your marriage should begin from a beautiful destination? Planning a surprise honeymoon is an ultimate romantic gesture, and the greatest gift you could ever give her.

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Corporate Tour

In addition to the leisure market, we at are highly experienced in the specialized business of conference co-ordination and planning your company's corporate incentive trips.

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Single Travel

If you like to travel on your own and want to plan an independent arrangement, many of travel ideas will suit you. We have tailor made packages that just suites your taste.

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Our guided backpacking tours take you into the heart of world-renowned wilderness destinations like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite. Enjoy solitude and adventure as you embark on a self-sufficient journey.

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Happy Clients

“Many years of Caribbean holidays guided us to The Tuscany. Impeccably maintained, the friendliest staff anywhere and helpful at a moments notice, the best beach strip on Grace Bay! The condo was fully equipped and superbly maintained. We are already booked back in for next year!”

Sugath Perera Travel Lover

“The staff was friendly and very helpful. everything was clean and the condo was very spacious. Beach was perfect. I cant think of anything I didn't like.”

Arun Fernando Travel Lover

“My husband and I just stayed for 5 nights in an ocean front suite and it was awesome. The staff was awesome, and the food was very good... especially the jerk chicken pizza at the pool bar! Really beautiful and classy hotel without feeling stuffy or going overboard. Would gladly stay again!!”

Fatima Amana Travel Lover